SC – Jorongo Dot

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148 | 246w • 151 | 247w • 154 | 250w • 158 | 253w • 161 | 255w
The Power Lyte Jorongo Dot combines the Snap!Rocker with progressive pop and flex/torsion
tuning for limitless fun in any terrain. A True Twin Shape that delivers Freeride performance
with multi-riding All Mountain attitude. From snow surfing powder straight to hard
packed groomers this board will deliver. The Power Lyte is the multi tasking performance
tool under your feet.
Riding Style
Freeride All Terrain – All Mountain multitasking machine. Equal balanced performance in all snow
conditions – powder and hardpack. The board is super reactive and will precisely follow any rider’s
commands – tight turns and quick maneuvers. The master-piece for steep lines, spontaneous
slashes and pillow battles on snow.
This snowboard comes in a True Twin Shape. Tip and tail with extra Snap! gives you plenty of float
combined with precise Snap!Rocker control and extra pop under your feet. The ideal deck to leverage
your performance and gives you a natural easy ride retro-skate feeling.
The Snap! Rocker is a mellow rocker shape, like a combination of camber and rocker. Ideal for All
Mountain riders, keeping your nose up in pow turns or spinning off natural obstacles and kickers.
The Snap! Rocker reads your commands, enhancing your riding experience. A fan-favourite of All
Terrain enthusiasts and backcountry powder hounds alike.
The medium flex – 7.5 out of 10 – for progressive ride. Let your power battery live longer and
lever-up your riding performance by an intelligent Powerlyte responsive core pattern.
The Power Lyte HCM+ is a tip to tail wood core wrapped with a Double Triax glass fibre layer. The torsionally rigid and durable construction is developed for
steep backcountry rides with extra power force for every terrain. The Xenogen Triax 45+ laminate offers precision flex and stability that delivers quicker
edge to edge response and control at higher speeds. Xenogen Triax fibre laminate is used for boards in the higher-end performance category. The Super
Glide SX7000 Base is super fast and durable. Highest speed combined with the highest strength. Gliding-additives reduce friction and boost acceleration.
Size Category Rocker / Camber Twin / Directional
Edge Sidecut
Height Stance Offset
148 Freeride All Mountain Snap! Rocker True Twin 1157 7.3/9.5 286 246 286 161 161 50/50 48/60 0
151 Freeride All Mountain Snap! Rocker True Twin 1170 7.3/9.5 288 247 288 170 170 50/50 48/60 0
154 Freeride All Mountain Snap! Rocker True Twin 1210 7.3/9.5 294 250 294 165 165 50/50 52/64 0
158 Freeride All Mountain Snap! Rocker True Twin 1230 7.8/10 298 253 298 175 175 51/51 52/64 0
161 Freeride All Mountain Snap! Rocker True Twin 1260 7.8/10 301 255 301 175 175 51/51 52/64 0
Riding Style
• Freeride
• All Mountain
• Backcountry
Riding Level
• Sportive Rookies
• Advanced
• Expert
Sidewall: ABS+ Rubber Dampening
Edge: HRC Stainless Steel Edge
Core: Power Lyte HCM+ Tip to Tail Wood Core
Fibre Laminate: Xenogen Triax 45+
Base: Super Glide SX7000 with stone grind finish
Flex | Stiffness: 7,5/10

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SC – Jorongo Dot
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