Playmobil – Pirates – Soldaternes skib

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Playmobil Pirates: Sailing ship of the soldiers

The pirates would like to rule the oceans, but don’t flatten the smart redskirts. With their ship, they brave every challenge. Attention, a pirate is attacking us! the commander calls. Quickly the soldiers bring their flexible cannon into position. They fill the cannon with a bullet and fire it! Against the shrewd redskirts, the pirate has no chance on his raft. The freebooter is taken into custody together with his hunk of gold and taken to the soldiers’ bastion. Would the pirate crew come to free him from the bastion?

Gender: junior
Color: multicolor
Dimensions: 40 x 30 x 12.5 cm
Material: plastic
Age: from 4 years
Serial number: 70412

1 Cannon
1 Treasury
1 Anchor
1 Pirate raft
1 Pirate
2 Red-skinned soldiers
Many Accessories

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